How to add the log on as a service right to an account/group

at 1/29/2013

Hello everyone,
   In this post I will describe how to enable a user account or group log on as a service account. Here is the explanation of this feature from the Local Computer Policy:
"Log on as a service
This security setting allows a security principal to log on as a service. Services can be configured to run under the Local System, Local Service, or Network Service accounts, which have a built in right to log on as a service. Any service that runs under a separate user account must be assigned the right.
Default setting: None"
To customize this option you must cover the following steps:
   Open a run prompt (you can press the Windows key+r or type run in the programs and files tab and type mmc.exe (Microsoft Management Console):

   Now press the File tab and then click Add/Remove Snap-in:
Management Console

   Scroll down to the Group Policy Object Editor and press the Add button. Then click Finish:
Group Policy Object Editor

   When the Group Policy Object Editor console open navigate to:
Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Right Assignment -> Log on as a service -> Double click:
Group Policy Object Editor

   In the following window press Add User or Group... and add the desired users/group. On the Explain tab you can see a short description. Press Apply then OK:
Group Policy Object Editor

   This steps can be taken if the server/workstation is part of a domain. You can do the same thing on a device that is not part of a domain. Open the Local Computer Policy Editor ( type in run gpedit.msc) and go through the same steps.
   That is all for this post guys have a nice day.

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